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PBL Hall of Fame

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Plans are still being made for the establishment of a  PBL Hall of Fame to honor graduates and former teachers from the PBL school district, along with the former districts of Paxton, Buckley-Loda, Buckley, Loda Township, Ford Central, Roberts-Thawville and Roberts.  The aim of the project is to honor alumni who have made significant contributions in various walks of life.

Teacher Travis Duley, who is the guiding force behind this idea, reported to the PBL Education Foundation, that a  citizen from each of the communities involved–Paxton, Buckley, Loda, and Roberts is still needed to serve on the selection committee.

Eligibility for alumni would be limited to those who graduated at least 10 years prior. Anyone nominated who is not selected in a given year will be reconsidered each year thereafter, meaning that the individual would not need to be renominated.

Duley said a “wall of honor” or “wall of fame” would be created in the commons area at the PBL High School/PBL Junior High School complex. The wall would display plaques honoring each inductee, allowing students to see some of PBL’s finest.

The PBL Education Foundation has agreed to help fund the cost of the plaques — which Duley estimated to range from $32 to $40 each, depending on the size. The foundation also has agreed to pay $1,000 in initial start-up costs for the Hall of Fame,

Interested persons can find information and applications at pblunit10.com/HOF/HallofFame.htm






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