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Meeting the Drendel Challenge

In November, the PBL Education Foundation announced a $10,000 donation made by Hall of Fame Inductee Frank Drendel.  Along with the donation, he challenged the Foundation to raise an extra $10,000 beyond what is normally raised in a year.  If the Foundation met that challenge, he would donate another $10,000.

1-Drendel at hsThe Foundation is very pleased to report that through the generosity of businesses and private citizens with ties to the PBL district, over $19,000 was donated to the Drendel Challenge.

The money from the challenge is already being put to work.  Earlier this year, the Foundation donated over $20,000 for the purchase of more Chrome books for the junior high and high school.   $5,000 is being used to establish the beginnings of an endowment fund, and another $5,000 is being put back for contingency expenses involved in establishing the endowment.  The rest of the money will be applied toward technology purchases in the district.



Our Mission is to acquire and distribute resources for enhancing or supplementing the educational programs for all learners in the Paxton-Buckley-Loda Community Unit #10 School District located in Paxton, Illinois