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Kaila Christensen: April, 2017


1-DSCN1074Kaila Christensen, daughter of Amie Christensen of Paxton, has been named PBL High School Student of the Month for April.

Christensen, a senior, was nominated by her AP Calculus teacher, Sheila Pickens, who wrote, “ Kaila challenges herself by taking the most rigorous classes at PBL including AP/ Dual Credit English and Calculus, Physics, Chemistry 2, and Spanish 4. She strives for excellence in her grades and also in her understanding. During class, Kaila works well and asks good questions. She is willing to explain problems to others who are having difficulty. Kaila has broad interests, but is well suited for a career in STEM fields. She is naturally talented in math and science areas, but she also works hard. She pushes herself to understand the concepts, and she is not content to just earn an A. Kaila understands that anything she is learning now is relevant and may apply to something in the future.”

Pickens continued, “Kaila is a quiet leader. In class, she chooses to sit in the front and participate in the discussion. She is always on task and works ahead when possible. Other students can observe her and know what it looks like to be a high‐ achieving, self‐motivated student.  She manages her time well and spends more time on things that are important to achieving her goals.

“Kaila wants to work in third world counries, finding ways to provide people a healthy lifestyle, including clean drinking water. This is a big goal but one from which I don’t see her backing down. She may tweak it, but I think that she will find ways to make people’s lives better. She is kind, generous, helpful, and sees the world as a place where all people should be able to be happy and healthy.”

Christensen is one of those students who somehow seems to manage to do it all.  Outside of the classroom, she is a member of the Math Team and the Scholastic Bowl team.  She also belongs to the Give Club (the high school’s community service organization), and she is a member of   National Honor Society.  She also participates in Show Choir, Cross Country and Track.

Christensen is also an active volunteer. She was part of the group that spent spring break in the Mississippi Delta working with Habit for Humanity. The PBL group’s main focus was dry-walling and insulation; however, the students did find time to build a couple of dog houses as well.

Christensen has spent at least part of each of the last two summers working for the Army Corps of Engineers.  Her first experience was a summer-long project in the paint lab, testing various paint compounds.  The second summer was a  2-week project as an organizer and counselor at a jr. high and high school day camp.

Christensen’s has made definite plans for her future.  She  will be a part of the environmental engineering program at Northwestern University next fall.


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