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Featured Grants

Read articles and see pictures of how your donations are being used in the classrooms of PBL.

Art Students Create Murals
Earlier this year, PBL High School  art teacher Emily Valencia received a  $400 Opportunity Grant  from the PBL Education Foundation for the purchase of a portable LCD projector.  The projector allows students to turn their artwork into murals with much [more]
Foundation Purchases New Science Technology for Jr. High
At the beginning of this school year,  the PBL Education Foundation awarded opportunity grants toward the purchase of Vernier technology  to Daron Johnson, 8th grade science teacher, and Lauren Donoho, 7th grade science teacher.  he Foundation contributed over $900 for [more]
PBL Hall of Fame
 pblunit10.com/HOF/HallofFame.htm Plans are still being made for the establishment of a  PBL Hall of Fame to honor graduates and former teachers from the PBL school district, along with the former districts of Paxton, Buckley-Loda, Buckley, Loda [more]
Kindles added to Jr. High Library
The PBL Education Foundation recently awarded an innovation grant of $700 to Emily Ward, Jr. High Library Media specialist, for the purchase of 4 Kindle Fires.  Before the addition of the Kindles, the library had three Nook e-readers, which were [more]
Apple TV added to Jr. High Classroom
Jr. High teacher Caitlin Heap has received an iPad and an Apple TV through an opportunity grant from the PBL Education Foundation.  A visit to her classroom shows just how much the addition of technology can change the way our [more]
iPods and iPads in PBL Classrooms
PBL Technology in classrooms continues to grow.  The last year or so has seen a marked increase in the use of iPods and iPads by both teachers and students.  Last spring, the PBL Education Foundation gave this trend toward smaller [more]
Donation to Foundation Makes Return Visit Possible
Visiting author Dan Keding of Urbana returned to PBL on Nov. 2 to speak at Eastlawn School.  His return visit was made possible by a donation made through the PBL Education Foundation.  In addition to speaking to the entire student [more]
Tim Hess and Beth Nuss: 2012 Innovation Grant Recipients
The PBL Education Foundation recently awarded innovation grants  of $1,000 each to the PBL Jr. High and High School Bands.  Tim Hess, H.S. Band director, was granted a ceiling-mounted LCD projection system for the H.S. music room to enable [more]

Our Mission is to acquire and distribute resources for enhancing or supplementing the educational programs for all learners in the Paxton-Buckley-Loda Community Unit #10 School District located in Paxton, Illinois