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Colleen Coady: April, 2016

1-DSCN0968-001Administrators and guidance counselors at PBL High School chose Colleen Coady, the daughter of Shawn and Robin Coady of Loda, as the April Student of the Month.

.Math teacher Sheila Pickens and National Honor Society sponsor, Amanda Dunlavey, individually nominated Colleen.

Pickens wrote, “Colleen challenges herself by taking the most rigorous classes at PBL, including AP/Dual Credit English and Calculus, Physics, and Spanish 4.  She strives for excellence in her grades and also in her understanding.  During class, Colleen works well and asks good questions.  She is willing to explain problems to others who are having difficulty.”

Pickens continued, “Colleen is kind to everyone and willing to help a classmate in need.  All of her activities, both in and out of the classroom, require teamwork, compromise, and flexibility. She gets along with others and builds friendships and work relationships easily.”

Amanda Dunlavey  currently works with Colleen in extracurricular capacities.  She wrote, “I am working with Colleen in National Honor Society and in Scholastic Bowl, and I spend a lot of time with her while she is working in the library.  I think that her dedication to the school along with her academic efforts make her a wonderful choice for student of the month.”

Colleen’s extracurricular activites include NHS, Scholastic Bowl,  Math Team, Band, Show Choir Combo, and Lit Club.

Outside of school she works part-time at Hudson Drug.  She also volunteered her time on a mission trip during spring break.

Colleen is currently deciding whether to continue her education at Wake Forest, William & Mary, or Elon University in North Carolina.  She will be pursuing a degree in Business.

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