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2011-2012: $30,367 

Opportunity Grants

Document Camera $500 5th Grade Kathy Dowling
Active Slate $450 3rd Grade Charley Kietzman
Active Slate $450 3rd Grade Katie Grice
Active Slate $450 3rd Grade Lacey Smith
Active Slate $450 3rd Grade Michele Coe
Active Slate $450 3rd Grade Sharla Waugh
Digital Recorder/SD card $170 5th Grade Lisa Niewold
Document Camera $500 6-7th Grade Sally Ellis
Document Camera $500 6-8th grade Carrie Painter
Document Camera $500 6th Grade Hilary Sawyer
Biography Project $450 7th Grade Cindy Haile
Biography Project $450 7th Grade Raquel Eshleman
Active Slate $336 2th Grade Margo Jones
Active Slate $336 2nd Grade Amy Johnson
Active Slate $336 2nd Grade Jill Steiner
Active Slate $336 2nd Grade Jamie Grider
Active Slate $336 2nd Grade Jake LeClair

 Tech Grants

20 iPod Learning Lab


all Kindergarten classes
10 iPad 2’s


2 for each 1st Grade teacher
12 iPad 2’s


2 for each 4th Grade teacher
10 iPad 2’s


2 for each 6th Grade class

Innovation Grants 

LCD Projector $1000 Tim Hess
Sound System $1000 Beth Nuss

Our Mission is to acquire and distribute resources for enhancing or supplementing the educational programs for all learners in the Paxton-Buckley-Loda Community Unit #10 School District located in Paxton, Illinois