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2010-2011: $31,675.64

Building Technology Grants

$20,000 ($5,000 to each building)–Clara Peterson, Eastlawn, PBL Junior High, PBL High School

 Mini Grants

LCD Projector $529 2nd Grade Jill Steiner
LCD Projector $529 4th Grade Peg Francisco
LCD Projector $529 4th Grade Kelly Reid
LCD Projector $529 4th Grade Emilie Ross
LCD Projector $529 2nd Grade Jamie Grider
LCD Projector $529 2nd Grade Margo Jones
LCD Projector $529 2nd Grade Amy Johnson
LCD Projector $529 2nd Grade Jake LeClair
LCD Projector $529 4th Grade Cheryl Pitman
LCD Projector $529 Jr.High Lang. Arts Cindy Haile
LCD Projector $529 Jr.High Lang. Arts Raquel Eshleman
LCD Projector $529 Jr.High Lang. Arts Jodi Coplea
Math League $150 Jr. High Math Rob Pacey


Opportunity Grants

Reading, Writing, Math :Easy as 1,2,3 $500.00 Pre-K(Special Ed & At Risk Sharon Higgins
Document Camera $500.00 6th Grade Inclusion Staci Ward
Document Camera $500.00 High School Math Sheila Pickens
Leap Frog Letter Factory DVDs $500.00 Kindergarten Josh Didier
Eread! Eread! $494.85 Jr.High Library Mary Dulaney
Coming-of-Age Literature $500.00 H.S. English Nancy Streitmatter
Listening Centers $284.04 2nd Grade Amy Johnson
Listening Centers $284.04 2nd Grade Jill Steiner
Listening Centers $284.04 2nd Grade Jake LeClair
Listening Centers $284.04 2nd Grade Margo Jones
Listening Centers $284.04 2nd Grade Jamie Grider
Non-Fiction Leveled Books $272.59 Clara Peterson Reading Mary Jo Pavilon
Digital Cameras $500.00 3rd Grade Sharla Waugh

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Our Mission is to acquire and distribute resources for enhancing or supplementing the educational programs for all learners in the Paxton-Buckley-Loda Community Unit #10 School District located in Paxton, Illinois